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Details brings together advertiser, advertising opportunities and sponsors together in an online platform. A platform where regional advertising opportunities can be utilized by willing brands by selecting BTL services.

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An advanced solution provider in the form of a website, Details is where brands, advertisers, and sponsors come under one roof to do their business. It brings together the services and products of the three wings of Chams Branding Solutions Pvt. Ltd. namely, Advert, Promot, and Surprize in one online platform. Through Details, brands can select and order the BTL services offered by the three subsidiaries to optimize the regional advertising opportunities arising in different localities.

The website charts advertising opportunities like events and festivals with available advertisers, sponsors, and selected services and products offered by Chams Branding Solutions Pvt. Ltd. listed against each of them. Clients can go to the website, plan and choose the services and products as per their needs and convenience. Chams Branding Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will then execute these services for the client. Details is also ​ ​on the fast track to becoming a full-fledged online shopping website for the products and services of Chams Branding Solutions Pvt. Ltd.