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Catch your customer on the move with the right kind of outdoor advertising tools. Be it a strategically placed hoarding or a hovering blimp or an LED wall, grab their attention when they least expect it.


Shout, interact or be heard and visible with our outdoor promotion tools. From road shows to school and apartment activities, we offer the best professionals and methods to achieve your promotional goals.


Personal relationship has very high influence in deciding the success and failure of your business deals. Nurture your corporate connections and cement your PR with the right kind of corporate gifts. Corporate Gifts-we have it all at SURPRIZE.

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Details brings together advertiser, advertising opportunities and sponsors together in an online platform. A platform where regional advertising opportunities can be utilized by willing brands by selecting BTL services.

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The company’s core values comprise of giving the best service to clients at affordable cost. Chams stresses on constant learning, adapting and implementing ideas to suit the demands of a dynamic advertisement and brand promotion industry.


Over the years since Cham’s inception, the company’s client base has skyrocketed. The company has had more than 150 satisfied clients including some of the biggest corporate giants in the state. We regard the trust they have bestowed upon us as our greatest asset.


Chams aims at giving our clients the best brand promotion and advertising options in the industry. The organization’s goals involve devising new ideas, strategies and platforms that are affordable and effective for the varying needs of the customer pool.


At an age when information is ubiquitous, Chams’ vision is to become the maker and carrier of messages through a wide variety of ingenious brand promotion strategies and become a solution supermarket for businesses of every kind.


Chams’ objective is to achieve consistent growth in the coming years and become one of the largest brand promotion companies in the country.

Quality policy

We owe our success to the freshness of ideas and products we provide. Over the years, this has become central to the Company’s quality policy. Brand promotion products sourced from different parts of the world and great ideas devised to use them come under one roof here at Chams Branding Solutions.